Disaster Nursing

Since the beginning of time, disasters have been an integral part of human experience, causing premature death, impairing quality of life and changing health care professionals. The risk of a disaster is everywhere. Nurses assist patients during recovery in disaster scenes, hospitals, medical centres and rehabilitation. In some cases, care efforts are coordinated by an organized response. The desire to help in a disaster is a natural reaction to a terrible situation for many nurses. Nurses play a critical role in local, state and national emergency preparedness through planning, community and consumer education, and direct healthcare and nursing during disasters. In case of an emergency, nurses should also plan for themselves and their families. 6 Ways of getting involved in disaster nursing care.

  • Red Cross
  • Disaster nursing and the International Medical Corps.
  • Helping other nurses.
  • Providing additional resources.
  • Keeping the daily routine going
  • Helping to return a community to a state of normalcy


  • Track 1-1 National Disaster Medical System
  • Track 2-2 Red Cross
  • Track 3-3 The Medical Reserve Corps
  • Track 4-4 Medical Disaster nursing assistance
  • Track 5-5 healthcare in disasters

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